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  • Proposed Key Projects Map

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    Explore interactive maps plotting the proposed projects and budgets outlined in the Draft 2013/14 Annual Business Plan and Budget. Click on the pins in the map to view the project details.

    Please note: Locations are indicative in nature and may not be an accurate representation of the project location.

    View 2013/14 Draft Business Plan and Budget Key Projects with full Google functionality.

    Map Key

    Purple pins: Key Projects
    Yellow pins: Footpath Program
    Pink pins: Kerb Program
    Blue pins: Roads Program

    Additional Projects

    Please note, the following items are not currently available for mapping due to either the administrative nature of the projects, Council wide projects or specific locations not yet finalised.

    Project Proposed Cost
    PR/89 - Provision of Defibrillators in Council Buildings $9,960
    PR/99 - Hazelwood Park Memorial Tree Avenue Management $33,000
    PR/100 - Workplace Noise Assessment and Audiometric Testing $5,000
    PR/101 - Heritage Awards $7,000
    PR/108 - Mobile Workforce and Network Upgrade $35,000
    PR/112 - Plant Replacement - Light Fleet Depot Based $260,000
    PR/119 - Plant Replacement - Major Plant Depot Based $315,000
    PR/121 - Plant Replacement - Minor Plant Depot Based $25,000
    PR/123 - Annual Community Survey $45,000
    PR/125 - Functional Manual Handling Assessment $8,500
    PR/126 - Public Tennis Court Reconstruction $240,000
    PR/135 - Digital Design and Development Program $58,000
    PR/156 - Traffic Calming Program $330,000
    PR/159 - Provision of Compostable Bags to all Residents $120,000
    PR/161 - Electronic Timers and Light Automation $18,000
    PR/165 - 3 Bins Waste Management Audit $32,000
    PR/166 - Drainage Program $235,000
    PR/167 - Skylights, Air Ventilation and Extraction Units $85,000
    PR/172 - Improvements to Pepper Street Art Gallery $107,000
    PR/188 - Sentencing and Destruction Module - Records System $11,583
    PR/205 - Replacement of Park Furniture $19,750
    PR/220 - Bicycle Strategy 2013/14 Implementation  $165,000
    PR/230 - Brown Hill Keswick Implementation Program $274,000
    PR/234 - Fences and Barriers Renewal Program $55,000
    PR/239 - Sediment Removal Kensington Gardens and Hazelwood Park Ponds $185,000
    PR/242 - Woody Weed Tree Removal Program $15,000
    PR/249 - Development Assessment Software Implementation $41,224
    PR/251 - Regulated and Significant Tree Assistance Fund $25,000
    PR/252 - Civic Centre Light Fleet Replacement 2013/14 $362,000
    PR/253 - Irrigation System Replacement $120,000
    PR/258 - Building Disability Access Program $50,000
    PR/259 - New Drainage Installations $500,000
    PR/268 - Bus Shelter Program $6,000