08 Apr 2016

The City of Burnside community had an opportunity to trial, for 12 months, a 40 km/h speed limit in a precinct that included Beulah Park and part of Kensington Park.

The proposed precinct for the trial included all local streets within in the area bordered by Magill Road, Glynburn Road, The Parade and Portrush Road.

If the community supported the trial, Council would be required to apply to the Minister for Road Safety to implement the 40 km/h precinct. It was planned that residents would be surveyed in 12 months following the introduction to see if they supported maintaining the lowered speed limit.

The engagement period commenced on 22 October and closed 27 November 2015. Over 400 responses were received for this engagement.

Respondent’s opinions varied widely in regard to their responses. Respondents tended to either strongly support the reduced speed limit or strongly oppose it.

Respondents supporting the 40 km/h speed limit believed that the speed reduction would improve the safety and amenity of the local streets for residents, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Of those that did not support the trial, the most common response was that the reduction in speed was unnecessary and that speeding and number of crashes in the local streets is not an issue.

The City of Burnside did not receive the required response rate to this engagement; therefore the trial will not be pursued at this time.

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Consultation has concluded

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