Casual staff helping out

Council has many casual staff, particularly working at the George Bolton Swimming Centre Burnside on a seasonal basis.

With the early closure of the Centre on 17 March due to COVID-19, 35 casual staff had their season cut short by six weeks. They have been assured of pay for their average hours until the end of the swim season (26 April). To keep them engaged Council has offered to relocate them to other parts of the business to help with workload.

Emma Scheer, 22 and Thomas Jaeschke, 25, were seasonal casuals averaging 15 – 25 hours each week as lifeguards. Emma also worked on reception at the Centre. They are both working in the Library today helping to fold and collate community engagement letters for an upcoming consultation. Emma says she is happy to help “wherever I can be useful”.

“We have been told we may be needed to help deliver meals to older people,” Emma says. Thomas is grateful for the work. “It is good to be doing something,” he says.

Both have been socially impacted by the coronavirus. “I haven’t seen my boyfriend for a few weeks,” Emma says. “He had a cold so I stayed away.” Thomas describes himself as “very social” but now has to do have a lot of his contact on line but it’s hard to keep in touch with loved ones who are not always computer savvy. “I can’t visit my grandma every week, any more,” he says.

They also agree the Swimming Centre is a great place to work. The supervisors are brilliant,” Thomas says. “They are caring and supportive – you know they’ve got your back.”

Active Members (Multi-Visit Pass and 12 Month Memberships)

To all our active members (multi visit passes and 12 month) these passes under normal operation are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The Centre was due to close for the season on Sun 26 April 2020, but with the closure date being brought forward to Wed 18 March 2020, the season was reduced by approximately 6 weeks. Taking this into account and given the unprecedented circumstances, we will be extending all active memberships by another 2 months (8 weeks) as a result of this early closure. This extension on membership is an internal process, so as an active member there is no need for any action on your behalf. When we reopen and you come in for a swim please ask our front desk staff what your new expiry is. Unless notified otherwise, season 2020/21 is due to commence on Sat 19 Sept 2020, and we really hope everyone will be back swimming from then.

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