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21 Aug 2014

Beulah Road – Bicycle Route Enhancement


The Beulah Road bicycle enhancement project is funded by the Motor Accident Commission (MAC).  The Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure (DPTI) were successful in their bid to the MAC for a project to enhance safety for bicyclists on what we
call the Beulah Road route within the Cities of Burnside, Norwood Payneham and St Peters, and Adelaide.

DPTI are concentrating their portion of the funding on the arterial road crossings of Glynburn, Portrush Road, and Fullarton Road and have recognised that to make their projects work well, the bicycle routes leading to these roads could be enhanced as well. 


Project goals:

The key goal of this project is to enhance bicyclist safety.  Beulah Road is not wide enough to have a high profile (e.g. off street or separated) cycling path and that the most likely improvements would be calm traffic, or reducing traffic if practical and possible, without affecting adjacent roads.

Linkage between Council and the project goals:
The City of Burnside has prioritised the Beulah Road route in our Bicycle Strategy.  The Strategy proposes that Beulah Road be a
significant route and noted that it would benefit from the same “traffic calming”* principles.  Council’s Bicycle Strategy links well with the goals of this DPTI project.

Council endorsed accepting the funding offer from DPTI and working with the residents on Beulah Road to develop bicycle friendly traffic calming options that will be presented to the wider community for their consideration in December 2014 or January 2015.

Resident input and design:

We welcome all resident input and are establishing resident working groups (Beulah Road Bike Route Working Groups) to assist in the development of the design options for Beulah Road by providing thoughts, opinions, proposals, and local knowledge to the process. 

The working groups will be supported by a Technical Team that consists of engineers from Council and DPTI who will advise on the feasibility of the concept designs and assist to develop the design documents (drawings etc).

The design with then be presented to the wider community through a formal consultation process to the Beulah Road residents in November 2014. 

The working group process will ensure that the designs that are presented to the wider community: have been considered by technical experts, have had stakeholder input, and represent the needs of Beulah Road residents. 

Council will have the final determination on the plan after considering the resident feedback.

Construction will be undertaken by DPTI early to mid 2015 with a firm completion date of 30 June 2015. 

Project Timing

*For more information on traffic calming see the link to the document called Traffic Calming onthe document library.


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Consultation has concluded

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