Seven (7) Traffic Treatment Options

10 Dec 2015

What do I do now?

Complete the online survey and indicate your preference for the following seven (7) traffic treatment options.

Option 1 - Install 'Local Traffic Only' signage

Local Traffic Only signage can be installed as a deterrent to cut-through traffic, however the signs are not enforceable by Council or SA Police.

Option 2 - Road Closure of one road

There are three different locations that would suit a road closure. Pedestrians and cyclists will have access through the closure. Council is asking the Eastwood community if they want a road closure and in which location.

Option 3 - Road Humps on one street

There are three different locations that Council suggests would suit the installation of road humps.

Council is asking if the Eastwood community wants road humps, and if so, in which of the three locations would they be installed (Main Street, Elizabeth Street or Markey Street).

Key points about road humps:

  • The road humps need to be installed ‘in series’ (more than one in each street) to be effective
  • They will reduce vehicle speed
  • They will likely divert some traffic
  • There is no loss of on-street parking
  • They will likely produce more road noise
  • They can be uncomfortable to drive or ride over.

If road humps are installed, traffic volumes on Matilda Dixon Lane will be monitored.

Road Humps - Potential Locations above

Note: Road Humps must be installed 'in series' along a street. We are not able to install just one or two road humps unless it is a very short street. The locations shown meet the installation requirements and avoid driveways.

Option 4 - Driveway Entry

A driveway entry allows for two-way traffic but only one direction at a time. It may deter a small percentage of non-local traffic and reduce vehicle speeds in the immediate area. Council suggests that the location in Eastwood that best suits this option is on Main Street.

Option 5 - 40 km/h Speed Limit

About 85 per cent of vehicle speeds in Eastwood are below 40 km/h. A 40 km/h speed restriction is enforceable. If the community supports this option, Council may approach the State government for permission to install a 40 km/h zone in Eastwood.

Option 6 - Left Turn Ban

These signs usually apply at certain times of the day such as the morning or afternoon peak period(s). Local residents and their visitors will also have to abide by these turning restrictions.

The suggested locations for a left turn ban sign is on Glen Osmond Road at John Street and Main Street for traffic travelling south east from Adelaide City during the afternoon peak.

Option 7 - No changes to the current traffic conditions in Eastwood

Resident support for changes to the traffic conditions in Eastwood will be the only way that any changes can be implemented. If there is less than 30 per cent support for any of the seven (7) options, the traffic conditions will remain as they are in Eastwood.

What do I do now?

Complete the online survey and indicate your preference for the seven (7) traffic treatment options.

If you need more information, please contact David Hayes on 8366 4200.

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