08 Feb 2016

The Hazelwood Park Creek Line Restoration engagement closed 12 March 2014. The City of Burnside is committed to preserving and enhancing the area’s biodiversity. This restoration project is in line with Council’s Be the Future of Burnside Strategic Community Plan 2012-2025, that “our strategic direction is to integrate and enhance our living spaces to meet our diverse current and future needs and to embrace our City’s character to ensure our continued pride in and enjoyment of living in Burnside.”

Following the removal of woody weeds in Zone 1 in May 2015 this section of the creek line has been extensively revegetated by City of Burnside's Biodiversity team with a wide diversity of indigenous trees, shrubs, wildflowers and riparian plants. Intensive weed control is continuing to ensure the woody weeds and other species such as three cornered garlic are eradicated.

Restoration of further sections of First Creek in Hazelwood Park are being investigated as part of the master planning process.

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Consultation has concluded

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