Council consulted with residents about parking and traffic issues along Main Avenue, Frewville.

Council received a high response rate which is representative of the concern that residents have about the traffic and parking on the avenue.

The main issues that emerged from the community consultation include:
  • the extent of ‘all day’ parked cars and the impact on access to and from properties.
  • the lack of parking for visitors and tradespeople.
  • the general impact on congestion on through traffic movements along Main Avenue.
A broad range of comments were received about traffic such as speeding vehicles, road (speed) humps being required and trucks still using the avenue. Parking related suggestions including the need for ‘Resident only’ and one-side only parking.

As a result of this consultation and further investigation by Council’s traffic engineers, it has been determined that one (1) hour parking restrictions be installed on both sides of Main Avenue between Millawa Avenue and Birdwood Avenue and also Millawa Avenue.

It was initially proposed that the restrictions apply from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday and include ‘Resident Permit Excepted’. Following further feedback and observations it is now proposed that the restrictions apply seven days a week.

A ‘Resident Permit Excepted’ permit allows residents or a visitor displaying a valid permit to be exempt from the one hour restriction.

The new parking restrictions detailed above have now been installed.

Following a ‘bedding in’ period, Council will undertake new traffic surveys to assess the impact of vehicle speeds, volume and content/class. This will guide Council on any further actions that may be appropriate or required including forwarding relevant information on to SA Police to aid in enforcement.
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Consultation has concluded

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