Michael Perry Botanic Reserve

The 3.2 ha Michael Perry Reserve was formed in the 1970’s from the subdivision of the former Clifton Estate. The reserve contains a section of Second Creek and many historical horticultural tree specimens from the original Clifton Estate garden.

Over time the reserve has been over-run with large woody weeds such as Willow, Olive, Ash, Fig, Rhamnus and Sweet Pittosporum creating a densely shaded environment in which native watercourse plants cannot grow and thrive. These native plants are vital to prevent erosion of the creek line in both normal flows and during flood events.

In 2009 Council, in conjunction with the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board, remediation works commenced at various locations within the reserve to stabilise the creek bed where the growth of Willow roots had triggered erosion.

The NRM Board has contributed funds for the continuation of the watercourse restoration works program. To facilitate this work, in November 2012 the Michael Perry Botanic Reserve Vegetation Management Plan was prepared to establish a long term vegetation conservation management framework and works program to protect, conserve and partially restore the Michael Perry Botanic Reserve historical exotic flora and native vegetation and fauna habitats within the Reserve.

Work recommenced on this project in 2013 based on the vegetation management plan.

Below: Location of the zone where works will commence in March 2014.

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The works are now complete.

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