The Michael Perry Reserve Second Creek area has undergone the early stages of the restoration. Replanting has been delayed until some of the vigorous weed species have been controlled and is scheduled to commence in Winter 2015.

The primary clearance included removing the large Woody Weeds from the Michael Perry Reserve Second Creek area. Council is now currently controlling invasive weed species prior to planting. The weed species include Tradescantia and Wild Ginger, which are difficult to control. This preparation is required before establishing diverse local native plant species in the area.

The planting of structural species including advanced trees will occur in Winter 2015. There are nine advanced trees which will include Blackwoods (Acaciamelanoxylon), Sheoaks (Allocasuarinaverticillata) and Blue Gums (Eucalyptusleucoxylon).

The planting of the Shrub Layer and Sedges will also take place in Winter 2015. After this, the site will require ongoing infill planting and weed control.

When a good cover of native plant species is established, the appearance of the watercourse will be visibly improved and will be protected from further erosion, creating habitat for a wide diversity of native fauna including some of our shy bird species, and will help to improve water quality.

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The works are now complete.

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