What is a Master Plan?

    A Reserve Master Plan is a document that outlines the vision that will guide the growth and development of parks and recreation in the City of Burnside for the next 10 years.

    What is the Master Planning Process?

    Council will undertake an engagement process that will provide three formal opportunities for the community and stakeholders to have their say into the development of each of the Master Plans.

    Stage 1 - Ideas and analysis

    This survey is part of the first stage in developing both Master Plans by gathering information from the community and stakeholders.

    Stage 2 - Concept Plan

    Information gathered in Stage 1 will be used to develop Master Plan concept plans. These plans will be presented to Council, stakeholders and the community for feedback.

    Stage 3 - Master Plan

    The concepts selected in Stage 2 will be refined and further developed, based on community and stakeholder feedback, to create a specific Master Plan for both sites.

    The Master Plans will be presented to the community and stakeholders for feedback prior to them being revised, if neccessary, and formally adopted by Council.

    How do I get involed?

    You can be involved in the Master Plan development process at any stage of this project.

    You can decide if you provide a response with information on both Hazelwood Park and Kensington Gardens Reserve - or only comment on one of the locations.

    You can nominate to be kept informed of the progress of either one or both projects.

    Please submit the survey by 5 pm on Friday 1 May 2015.

    Who should I contact for more information?

    Please contact Barry Cant, Strategic Projects Officer, or Melanie Spurling, Project Officer at burnside@burnside.sa.gov.au or phone 8366 4200.

    What happens next?

    The information gathered from this survey will be used to develop a number of concept Master Plans. These plans will be presented to Council, stakeholders and the community for feedback.

    Open days will be held for the community to view the concept plans and to talk to Council staff about the project. These dates will be announced on Council's website, through Twitter, and in Council's Messenger Newspaper column.