How can I get involved?

    We would like to invite you to provide comment on the findings of the Draft Strategy and the more than 120 Actions indentified in the Implementation Plan. Simply complete the survey, add any other ideas you have to the discussion forum, ask our project team a question if you require more information or email us.

    How do I get a copy of the documents?

    You can view the Draft Strategy and Implementation Plan from the online document library or printed copies are provided for reading in the City of Burnside Library.

    What are the next steps?

    Outcomes of the consultation will be incorporated as appropriate into the Draft Strategy and reported back to Council in November 2013.

    What were the findings from the Draft Strategy Study Stage?

    Overall, the City of Burnside appears to be meeting the expectations of its community with regard to sport and recreation activity and facility provision.

    The results of recent community consultation surveys suggest our community is not looking for significant investment in numerous expensive, multi-use indoor facilities or a radical relocation of where opportunities are provided in the City. Many residents indicated that they just want to be able to enjoy going to a safe and pleasant park.

    The existing asset infrastructure in many instances needs to be upgraded to a fit-for-purpose standard, affordable, sustainable and safe, as well as depreciated and maintained to agreed standards.

    The open space network of the City of Burnside is a valuable community asset and must be recognised for its natural and social importance in helping to create the City’s image and enviable lifestyle. The parks, reserves, ovals and streetscapes must continue to be maintained to their current standard and possible new open space acquisition opportunities appropriately located.

    There is opportunity to enhance and reinvent our existing spaces through streetscape activation. Several parks offer untapped potential and new uses need to be further explored with the community.

    Local parks should remain passive activity focused, with facilities catering for families and older residents. Regional and district parks should be further developed using a master planning process. There is a need to develop them to the most appropriate fit-for-purpose standard, with input from the local community and with regard to making them unique and desirable destinations. Consideration must be given to equity of service provision across the City and Council’s ability to fund these life-cycle costs.

    Residents tell us they want more opportunities for swimming, tennis, walking with and without dogs, cycling and facilities for youth.

    Council needs new ways to utilise existing spaces, including facilitating increased swimming, playing in parks, more playgrounds for older children, walking, cycling, dog walking (possible dog park sites at Effie Ferguson, Symons and Symons and Langman Reserves), youth facilities (possible sites include Glenside and Penfold Park), soccer, basketball and netball practice. We also need to invest in developing more and better shared use trails opportunities in the Hill Face Zone.

    Tennis, lawn bowls, football, rugby, baseball, cricket and croquet remain strong in the City and need continued monitoring for over or under supply. We are looking for new opportunities to improve or unite clubs at key locations to provide better levels of service from Council when possible.

    Findings of the Draft Strategy Study Schools provide a pivotal role in providing sporting opportunities for school aged residents and commercial operators support the desire for fitness, golf and additional swimming opportunities.

    The Civic Centre Library and Council community centres continue to be very popular with the community.

    Survey results show that experiences and services available in the City need to be better communicated and our clubs and associations need support with meeting their challenges with the advocacy provided as needed.

    Council should look to its neighbours and other organisations and provide advice and advocacy, leadership and support when and where appropriate, especially to the Eastern Regional Alliance member Councils.

    Volunteering is still strong but needs to be supported and we need to develop more substantial roles which utilise our community’s professional skills and knowledge.

    Council has a key role in:

    showing leadership

    finding, providing and supporting members in the provision of sport and recreation opportunities

    encouraging further community participation and wellbeing.

    The Implementation Plan has more than 120 Actions listed for potential undertaking.

    Success will be measured by enhanced facilities and programs that increase community participation and wellbeing.


    The Council have prepared a Draft Sport and Recreation Strategy to allow Council to plan for future service provision for sport and recreation programs and facilities in the City. The Strategy has the potential to impact many members of our community and users of our sport and recreation facilities.

    Council have done a review of the activities that our residents participate in and asked 600 residents from primary school, secondary school and adults what activities they would like to do in Burnside in the future. This information combined with the annual community survey results and a situation analysis has resulted in gaps being identified and opportunities developed to improve our sport and recreation service delivery to our community.

    Further information

    For more information please contact City of Burnsides’ Principal Strategy Officer, Leonie Scriven at