The draft Urban Tree Strategy engagement closed 21 April 2014. The revised strategy was adopted by Council on 27 May 2014. The new strategy is a more contemporary version of the existing Tree Management Strategy first adopted in 2007.
The major changes associated with the Urban Tree Strategy 2014 – 2025 is the separation of key objectives and outcomes associated with operational activity in relation to all aspects of urban tree management practices undertaken by Council.
Of significance is the inclusion of a new model that allows Council to determine an amenity value (expressed in dollars) for the trees under their care and control. This model is referred to as the Tree Amenity Valuation formula and will be used as an additional tool when assessing trees within the urban environment especially where they interact with development and infrastructure.
Another key element brought into the new strategy is the development of operational protocols and procedures (Urban Tree Technical Manuals) that define Council’s activities in relation to tree management practices and reflect recent changes in tree management standards and legislation that affects Council activities.
Existing street tree replacement plans and directions will now be addressed through new Street Tree Master Plans underpinned by the development of Council’s first Public Domain Streetscape Strategy. The continuation of Council’s major second generation street tree replacement programs will continue, however these annual programs will be undertaken in association with the broader streetscape strategy.

Importantly, Council has recognised that future tree replacement strategies associated with the City’s major parks and reserves will be addressed through the development of Vegetation Management Plans that will reinforce and reflect existing plantings or recommend changes to reflect community views.

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Consultation has concluded

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