Assisting PIRSA teams during spring

Keep an eye out for the fruit fly field teams in your area in September and October, with the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) checking gardens across outbreak areas as part of the fruit fly eradication program.

Now spring is upon us, fruit fly are more active in the warmer months and it’s more important than ever to be vigilant for this pest. PIRSA teams are organic baiting the leaves where fruit fly like to rest, and collecting fallen fruit and checking ripe fruit for maggots.

Please give them access to your yard to do this important work. PIRSA’s trained fruit fly teams are identifiable by their orange overalls and ID cards; all staff are police-checked.

PIRSA can’t do this alone – we must all play our part to help eradicate fruit fly.

  • Pick ripe fruit from your trees.
  • Collect fallen fruit from the ground and place it in the green bin* – don’t compost or bury. *If you do not have a green bin and you are in a red outbreak area, put at-risk fruit and veg in an airtight plastic bag and call the Fruit Fly Hotline 1300 666 010.
  • Check your fruit for blemishes or maggots.
  • Call the Fruit Fly Hotline if you suspect fruit fly – 1300 666 010.

Remember, red areas are outbreak areas. Do not share at-risk fruit and vegetables with your neighbours, and don’t pack any at risk fruit and vegetables in your lunch for school or work. For more information including a full list of fruit and vegetables at risk from fruit fly, visit

Visit the fruit fly website to see which areas fruit fly officers are baiting (

PIRSA’s fruit checking and collection teams will be visiting gardens until January.

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