Composting Champions Recognised

To celebrate International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) in May, East Waste, Jeffries and Council ran a competition to win Jeffries compost, soil and garden products. Residents were asked to 'Take the Pledge' to compost more food scraps and compostable items by using their kitchen caddy and green bin or their home compost bin.

Rick and his wife Deb are very committed to composting their food scraps at home in their home compost bins. They also use a kitchen caddy and green bin to compost items like meat, bones, dairy, bread, onion and citrus, along with their garden clippings.

It makes a big difference when food scraps are composted or go in the green bin, rather than going in the red bin. Sending food waste to landfill in the red bin cost around five times more than sending it to be composted in the green bin. Further, there are excellent environmental outcomes from composting.

Together, residents in Burnside are reducing the amount of waste going to landfill each year. Putting food waste in the green is an important part of this reduction. Click here for a list of all the items that can be placed in the green bin.

Rick and Deb were very excited to receive the bag of Jeffries Organic Compost which they will use in their beautiful garden. Their lovely dog, Doug, was also very excited to receive the compost and will need to hold himself back from trying to eat it.

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