Heritage Plaques

Council’s heritage plaque pilot project was launched to mark key heritage places within the City.

The following properties have a heritage plaque installed to reflect their historic interest:

  • 1A Young Street, Burnside
  • Knox Homes, 8-18 Young Street, Burnside
  • Burnside Primary School Gates, 11 High Street, Burnside
  • Undelcarra, 13 Undelcarra Road, Burnside
  • Ivymeade, 19 Nilpinna Street, Burnside
  • 28 High Street, Burnside
  • 29 Chisholm Avenue, Burnside
  • 36 Young Street, Burnside
  • 56 Lockwood Road, Burnside
  • 64 High Street, Burnside
  • Lockwood House, 90 Lockwood Road, Burnside
  • St David’s Parish Hall, 488 Glynburn Road, Burnside
  • St David’s Church, 488 Glynburn Road, Burnside
  • Burnside Post Office, 502 Glynburn Road, Burnside
  • 574 Greenhill Road, Burnside
  • Attunga, 120 Kensington Road, Toorak Gardens
  • Tram Switching Shed, West Terrace, Kensington Gardens

The plaques on private properties are on the exterior and are visible from the footpath.

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