Chill Out

Once a week more than 40 people gather in the Burnside Ballroom for 50 minutes of Mindful Meditation. The class is run by Sabine Toh, a local resident who gives her time to share her skills with others.

“I'm very passionate about seeing people shine their own brilliance and drop their limited beliefs and habits,” Sabine says.

With a background as a yoga teacher and a biologist (biochemistry/immunology) Sabine has studied quantum physics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy and is undertaking a PhD in breathing and sleep. She teaches meditation and balanced lifestyle techniques both in group sessions and one-on-one.

Sabine, 50, says we tend to program ourselves with statements like ‘I am always late’, ‘I am too old’ or ‘I can’t do that’.

“I teach people to change that. I have a smorgasbord of information and people pick what they want. I explain a combination of science and the ancient wisdom of the ages,” Sabine says. “I don’t preach – I teach.”

A key part of her session is deep breathing and self-awareness. “You have a unique life and you have to find the peace inside. There is so much information out there people get confused. I am passionate that the direct route to peace is within.”

Sabine welcomes anyone who wants to experience her unique teaching style. “The more the better,” she says. “More people means more energy – the circle is getting huge.”

Every class is different. “I have taught cancer patients to face their fear – of dying, of chemo, of having an MRI. I love seeing people happy and I have a lot of tools to help them.”

“People say to me ‘I feel so good - you have changed my life’. I feel uplifted and they keep coming back.”

One of her biggest challenges was teaching a class of high school boys how to deal with ‘study stress’. “I taught them to sit up straight, breath deeply and find their inner core. I convinced them they could be cool and confident at the same time, without slouching around. If I can teach them I can teach anyone!”

What do you like about living in Burnside?

I really appreciate the facilities at the Civic Centre. The things people can do is amazing. Tai Chi, cards, organic food – it’s free or cheap. Lots of activities for our treasured older people. It’s a beautiful space with free parking.

Thursdays 1.10 pm – 2 pm in the Burnside Ballroom $2 per person

Learn how easy it is to meditate, stretch and be mindful, using breathing to revitalise and also to de-stress.

Sabine is also available for public talks and in-house classes.

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