Tai Chi Teacher

Buddy Ng started learning Tai Chi in Hong Kong, at the age of 20, inspired by his mother who was a Tai Chi Master. “She passed away two years ago,” says Buddy “She used to run Tai Chi classes on the banks of the River Torrens every morning.”

The retired electronic technician had taught privately to friends but decided to share his teaching more broadly. “By chance I met Tricia (Foster-Jones) at Glenunga Hub and asked if there were opportunities for me.” Buddy, 67, started a class there on Monday mornings and it became so popular he started another Fit and Fab course at the Civic Centre which incorporates Tai Chi.

His classes focus on strength and balance which improve health. “One of the dangers for older people is falls, so I help with that.”

Tai Chi is the number one exercise for fall prevention. “The weight transfers from one leg to another and the gentle relaxed movements can keep you loose and mobile into old age,” says Buddy. “The focus is to relax, become more loose, calm and sensitive.”

Toward the end of the classes Buddy uses meditation and breathing to music. Most people in his class are women in their 60s and 70s but anyone is welcome (once they have a clearance from their doctor).

Buddy runs his classes as a volunteer and receives no payment. “I like to give back to society,” says Buddy “And I like to introduce others to Tai Chi and help improve their health and balance.”

An accomplished singer and member of a Cantonese Opera, he recently performed live on Peter Goers ABC evening show.

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