Your Neighbourhood Budget Results

Your Neighbourhood Budget (YNB) is a participatory budgeting program where residents are able to suggest ideas for small capital assets and events to occur in their neighbourhood. The community can then vote on their favourite two projects that they would like to see implemented. This program provides one of many opportunities for the community to say how rates are spent as part of the annual business plan and budget. The winning Your Neighbourhood Budget projects for 2021/22, as voted by you, have been decided.

This year’s program resulted in 24 submissions, with 12 of these projects assessed as eligible to proceed to the community voting stage. A total of 56 residents participated in the voting. Based on the votes, the successful projects which will be implemented in 2021/22 are:

  • Drinking fountain, Kensington Gardens Reserve, to improve hygiene. Taps and new water service from meter with backflow valve.
  • Handrail, Michael Perry Reserve, at rear of Willowbridge Grove Stonyfell to improve safety.
  • Little library, Bell Yett Reserve, maintained by local residents. To create a stronger sense of community and engagement and stimulate greater interest and reasons to be out and about in the community.
  • Shelter, Langman Recreation Reserve, close to tennis courts, barbecue and water fountain.

Deborah Lindsay and her family have hosted or attended many birthday parties and social gatherings with school parents or neighbours in Langman Reserve over the years. “I suggested a shelter and seating as a great focus for the facilities already there, which could be used in various weather conditions,” Deborah says. “It feels good to know that your suggestion has been supported by both the community and council.”

Jim Muir lives next to Bell Yett Reserve and suggested the Little Library. “One of the key ideas behind the project is to build connections between people and give them another reason to be in touch with each other, extending the quality of community within the local area,” Jim says.

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