What is a Columbarium Wall?

    A Columbarium (or Niche) Wall is a structure that contains niches, which hold a person’s cremated remains in a plastic receptacle. The walls are typically made of masonry such as bricks, stone or pre-formed cement however, they are also constructed from stainless steel.

    Ashes are enclosed in a plastic receptacle and are placed in the niche which is then sealed;a commemorative plaque is secured to the niche. It is possible for ceramic photos as memorials to be secured to the plaque. It is also possible to provide for the placement of a small floral tribute at the site of the niche.

    With the Magill Cemetery now fully leased and effectively closed to any new internments, the installation of a Columbarium Wall will increase capacity to provide internment within the Burnside Council area.

    A percentage of the income generated through the Columbarium Wall would help with the management and governance of the Wall and internments, annual maintenance requirements on the wall, and could improve and fund regular maintenance and improvements of the Magill Cemetery site.

    The social and community value of a heritage site is significantly increased when frequented and can be considered to be a real focus of community pride.