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This is our media hub of all things Burnside.

A hub for local news about people, businesses and happenings in our community.

You will see some beautiful photos of Wyfield Reserve, one of Burnside's biodiversity sites, at the top right of this page.


This is our media hub of all things Burnside.

A hub for local news about people, businesses and happenings in our community.

You will see some beautiful photos of Wyfield Reserve, one of Burnside's biodiversity sites, at the top right of this page.

  • Windback Wednesday - Hazelwood Park

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    supporting image

    Did you know that Hazelwood Park was known as a "National Pleasure Resort" in the early 20th century? The land was originally owned by the Clark family as part of the Hazelwood Estate, but in 1914 they sold the land to the State Government under the condition that it remained a park.

    In 1915 it was declared a National Pleasure Resort under the National Pleasure Resorts Act 1914, and in 1964 the park was handed over to the City of Burnside. To this day Hazelwood Park remains a central attraction within the City of Burnside and will host the annual Carols in the Park this Friday 9 December.

    Photo: Gum trees in Hazelwood Park, circa 1921. Courtesy of State Library of South Australia

  • Christmas Card Competition Winners

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    supporting image

    The winners of the 2022 Christmas Card Design Competition have been announced.

    The popular annual Christmas Card Design Competition received a record number of entries this year, with 137 submissions from children who attend Burnside schools. This is the third year that this competition has been held. Usually it’s called the Mayor’s Christmas Card Design Competition, but due to Council elections taking place this year, it was changed the City of Burnside Christmas Card Design Competition. Luckily, the election results were announced in time for judging for the competition, so our Mayor Anne Monceaux was delighted that she was able to judge the competition again this year, alongside City of Burnside CEO Chris Cowley.

    The theme was “What makes an Australian Christmas?”. The competition was open to Year 2 and 3 students from schools within the City of Burnside. With so many entries received, judging was difficult and it took some time to settle on a winner and runners up. With so many amazing entries, it’s evident that there are many talented budding artists amongst Burnside school children!

    Annie, 9, a student from Burnside Primary school, was declared the winner at a ceremony on Monday 5 December in the Mayor’s Parlor within the City of Burnside Civic Centre. Her winning design features a surfing Santa, a festive dolphin, koala and sun, a reindeer and wrapped presents under a tree. Annie attended the ceremony with her grandmother Elizabeth, who said she was so proud of Annie and very excited to have been able to come to the ceremony. Annie received a $100 gift voucher for the Harry Hartog Book Shop at Burnside Village.

    When designing her Christmas card, Annie was inspired by time she spent at her family’s beach house in Port Lincoln. She saw a picture on a cup of Santa surfing, which inspired her drawing of a jolly Santa surfing in the ocean in his Christmas hat. While kayaking in the ocean, she saw a dolphin, which inspired the festive dolphin image in her design. Annie and her family will be celebrating Christmas this year at her auntie’s house.

    The three runners up were Chloe (Burnside Primary School), Lachlan (Rose Park Primary School) and Ryan (Burnside Primary School). Each design was bright, colourful, cheerful, unique and, of course, Australian. Each runner up received a Regal Theatre Family Voucher and a Burnside Pool Pass.

    You can visit the City of Burnside Civic Centre to view all of the 137 entries, which will be displayed until mid-January. See if you can pick your favourite!

    Thank you to everyone who entered the competition this year!

    The winners of the 2022 Christmas Card Design Competition (from left): Chloe, Annie, Lachlan and Ryan

    Annie (Burnside Primary School) took away the first prize

    Chloe (Burnside Primary School) was a runner up

    Ryan (Burnside Primary School) was a runner up

    Lachlan (Rose Park Primary School) was a runner up

  • Magill Village Project Complete

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    supporting image

    On Saturday 3 December we were delighted to celebrate the official opening of the completed Magill Village Project, which has seen a wide range of improvements installed within the precinct. This project involved collaboration across all three tiers of government, as well as cooperation between the City of Burnside and Campbelltown City Council, with $2 million in Federal Government funding and $5.75 million in State Government funding.

    This redevelopment has delivered a safer and more accessible streetscape with additional pedestrian crossings, improved cycling lanes and disability access compliant footpaths, as well as new paving, landscaping, public art and bespoke street furniture. Environmental sustainability has also been front of mind, with 68 new trees and water sensitive urban design features installed.

    All of these features combine to create a unique and inviting identity for the precinct which we hope you will enjoy exploring. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this project to life, we are so proud of the final outcome and invite you to visit this summer!

    Pic L - R: John Gardner MP, Jack Batty MP, Mayor Jill Whittaker, Paul DiIulio CEO Campbelltown City Council, Mayor Anne Monceaux, Chris Cowley CEO City of Burnside, James Stevens MP, Vincent Tarzia MP.

  • Christmas and New Year Hours

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    supporting image

    Opening hours for the Library, Customer Service and Swimming Centre, Regal Theatre, Pepper Street Arts Centre, and other essential services.

    Essential services such as Rangers, Commonwealth Home Support Program and Depot Operations will operate as usual over this period.

    Staff will be available to answer community enquiries via 8366 4200.

    The Regal Theatre is open every day except Christmas Day. Check website for session times.

    Pepper Street Arts Centre closes 5 pm Thursday 22 December 2022 and re-opens 10 am Tuesday 17 January 2023.

    Date Library Customer Service Swimming Centre
    Friday 23 December 9.30 am – 6 pm 8.30 am – 5 pm 6 am – 8 pm
    Saturday 24 December 10 am - 4 pm CLOSED 7 am - 6 pm
    Sunday 25 December CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED
    Monday 26 December CLOSED CLOSED 8 am – 6 pm
    Tuesday 27 December CLOSED CLOSED 8 am – 6 pm
    Wednesday 28 December CLOSED CLOSED 6 am – 8 pm
    Thursday 29 December CLOSED CLOSED 6 am – 8 pm
    Friday 30 December CLOSED CLOSED 6 am – 8 pm
    Saturday 31 December CLOSED CLOSED 7 am – 6 pm
    Sunday 1 January 2023 CLOSED CLOSED 8 am – 6 pm
    Monday 2 January CLOSED CLOSED 8 am – 6 pm
    Tuesday 3 January 9.30 am – 6 pm 8.30 am – 5 pm 6 am – 8 pm

  • Windback Wednesday - War Savings Street

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    supporting image

    During the Second World War the Australian Government created a means for the public to support the war effort at a low cost that would also be of benefit to them in the future. These were called were War Savings Credits, which were a form of war bond. These bonds could be purchased for a small amount of money and redeemed after seven years for the amount printed on the certificate. These could be bought for as little as three shillings (approximately $19.64 today) and cashed in for five pounds (approximately $613 today) at the end of the bond period. Signs like the one pictured were used to advertise the scheme, where streets of residents would contribute to buy multiple bonds together to support the war effort overseas.

    Photo: War Savings Sign in the Burnside Treasures Cabinet in the Local History Room at the Burnside Library.

  • Little Treasures Inspires

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    supporting image

    It is that exciting time of the year when the great gift hunt for the festive season has officially begun. Little Treasures and its wide assortment of affordable handmade art and craft gifts will solve all your gifting needs.

    Displayed at Pepper Street Arts Centre each year in the lead up to Christmas, all items are available to purchase and can be taken home on the day.

    Over 50 artists bring you this opportunity to browse an enormous range including textiles, ceramics, glassware, wall art, jewellery, gift boxes, cards, homewares, wearable art, calendars, decorations, children’s items and more.

    Suzy Gilbert has exhibited her textiles work in Little Treasures for 6 years. “I used to sell my work in the Gift Shop then the staff suggested I try Little Treasures,” she says. “I haven’t looked back!” Suzy, of Frewville, does felting, textiles and powder dye using ice. She explains: “I scrunch material up, put it in a plastic tub, cover it with ice then sprinkle powder dye on it. As the ice melts it produces magic patterns.” Suzy then makes large muslin wraps, men’s and women’s handkerchiefs and hair scrunchies. She also sells handpainted silk scarves and tops.

    First time contributor Deborah Baldassi is looking forward to displaying her Babushka and Matryoshka nesting dolls. “We moved to Linden Park about three years ago and I heard about Pepper Street,” she says. “I applied to put my dolls in the Gift Shop and am now displaying at Little Treasures for the first time.” Deborah buys the blank shells and paints them in bright watercolours. “I have a set called ‘stages of life’ where the dolls go from an old woman to a baby,” Deborah says. “I also do a ‘strip down’ set with the same doll in different sizes and varying states of burlesque dress until the last one is naked.” She has kept her items to only two or three dolls per set to keep the cost down in line with Little Treasures “affordable” theme.

    Every item on display is handcrafted, with regular restocking for variety and freshness.

    Little Treasures runs until Thursday 22 December and is open Tuesday to Friday 10 am – 5 pm and Saturday 12 noon – 5 pm. Pepper Street Arts Centre 558 Magill Road Magill.

    Pic: Suzy (left) and Deborah with some of their craft.

  • City of Burnside Comes First on the Garage Sale Trail SA Council Leaderboard

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    supporting image

    Garage Sale Trail is officially over for another year, with the City of Burnside recording the highest number of sales amongst other Councils in South Australia.

    The City of Burnside has just participated in its eighth year of the program and has come first on the SA Council Leaderboard, which reflects the growing popularity of the event within the community.

    The community was heavily involved in the program this year with a combined total of 86 sale and stall registrations which happened locally, despite the powerful storms and wet weather that occurred over the two weekends.

    There was an increase in the number of sale and stall registrations from last year, which shows that the community is recognising the importance of re-use and sustainability.

    For shoppers, it's Australia's biggest pre-loved treasure hunt with 10,000 garage sales held nationally. For sellers, it's garage sales made easy with a free listing on the national map, sale tips and promotional resources.

    It is the circular economy in action, dedicated to helping participants declutter, make or save money, extend the life of items and build community connections.

    With the future of our city and our community Council's absolute priority, the City of Burnside is working towards and committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and is excited to see the community becoming more active in the sustainability space.

    For more information on the Garage Sale Trail, please visit

  • Profiles - Cr Peter Cornish and Cr Lilian Henschke

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    Cr Peter Cornish

    I am thankful to be re-elected to the Council of the City of Burnside. As a lifelong resident of the Rose Park and Toorak Gardens Ward I know the area well. I am community focused, with a long history of volunteering in the community and always enjoy listening to your views.

    I will continue to advocate for the maintenance of our community infrastructure, from the stormwater pipes to the amenity of our reserves and gardens. I will advocate for reforms to development legislation, including the return of appeal rights and greater community representation. I support a planning code amendment to include Dulwich as a historic area and the continued historic protections we have. I support the City of Burnside’s carbon neutral by 2030 initiative, improving future carbon neutral services and I am committed to the maintenance of our urban tree canopy. As an employed professional I bring decades of experience to my role.

    I have previously represented the City of Burnside on many committees including Chair of the Eastern Health Authority, providing vaccinations and public health inspections, during the difficult COVID pandemic.

    I will continue to ensure value for our rates yet ensure responsible investment in our current strategic assets and ensure that any investment is made with the future of the City of Burnside. I will continue to engage with other levels of Government.

    Cr Lilian Henschke

    In my role of community leadership guided by you, I want to ensure the best possible communication between you and Council.

    I’m an engineer of 30 years’ experience, with Masters in Engineering, Business Administration, Project Management Diploma and now completing a Fine Art Degree. I'm of Italian heritage with a husband whose family has lived in Toorak Gardens for four generations with wonderful neighbours and friends locally.

    Over the last 4 years in my first term of council, I worked with many residents, businesses, clubs and groups like the East Residents’ Association (ERA).

    With our collective civic duty I encourage you to engage with me and participate in local affairs through the ERA, local MP Jack Batty and Federal MP James Stevens.

    We are very lucky to live in and be custodians of a heritage district with much history and natural beauty.

    Our historic district connects to our capital Adelaide - the only ‘City-in-a-Park’ with its vision to be a UNESCO World Heritage Park.

    But we need a city that works for residents, business and visitors in our historic district.

    I refer back to the 1977 World Environment Day slogan “There is only one future for our children - development without destruction”.

    The development and future of our heritage district must be done in an ecologically sustainable manner. We must also protect it from natural and other hazards.

    I’ll represent your interests and work with federal, state, and local government. Together we can protect and enhance our natural and built heritage, have safe well-kept streets through efficient and effective service delivery and infrastructure for safe attractive precincts like Dulwich, its pedestrians, children, cyclists, businesses and tourists.

    See you soon at the opening of the refurbished Dulwich Community Centre in Union Street - a vital social asset to benefit local residents’ welfare, wellbeing and interests.

  • Profiles - Cr Jane Davey and Cr Andy Xing

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    Cr Jane Davey

    Thank you for your confidence and support in re-electing me to represent you as YOUR VOICE in Council.

    As outlined in my election campaign, I am dedicated to working to preserve the character of our beautiful and unique city as well as to protect, maintain and enhance our trees, parks, heritage buildings, open spaces and streetscapes.

    I will fight to amend and improve state government planning laws so that Council is able to control demolition of our buildings and trees, protect our heritage buildings, better protect our urban infrastructure and restore the right of community members to have a say in the development to be undertaken in their vicinity.

    Maintenance of and improvement to our remaining tree canopy across Burnside is an essential component of our response to minimise the effects of climate change and for enhanced environmental sustainability in our community.

    I will work hard to reduce the rates of generation of waste - both in the community and by Council - including the scourge of single use plastics - and to set targets for improvement of recycling rates and reduction of the waste Burnside sends to landfill.

    Finally, there are significant challenges for the management and improvement of the traffic and parking issues faced by both our residential and our business community across our suburbs.

    I wish you and your families a safe, happy and healthy festive season.

    Cr Andy Xing

    I’m your new voice on Burnside Council. Following is a little about myself and what I intend to achieve in my term. It has already been noted to me that I am the youngest elected member and first from an Asian background in City of Burnside history.

    But first, I’d like to tell you about my parents. They’re my inspiration. They chose to come to Australia to build a better life for themselves and their family. They worked hard and made sacrifices every day. They’re the reason I am in this privileged position today. My goal is to live up to their example.

    Now I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I’m a management consultant, which means I help organisations which do business around the world create value for Australians. I’m also a proud Burnside local. I was raised in Kensington Park and graduated from Pembroke. There’s even a fair chance you’ve seen me on the courts at the East Torrens and Kensington Gardens Tennis Club (ETKG).

    I stood for Council because I wanted to improve the local community I love. My priorities during my term are promoting our economic growth, investing in youth and active ageing programs, embracing our rich multiculturalism, and harnessing the views of the next generation, protecting our heritage and green spaces, and ensuring the transparent and effective use of ratepayer funds. Achieving everything I’ve set out to achieve won’t be easy. However, I promise that I’ll work hard every day to serve the community I love. My desire is to combine truly independent politics, a unique perspective, and new ideas to empower communities to use the most important weapon they have: their voice.

    Once again, thank you for placing your faith and trust in me. I am honoured to represent my local community and excited about working with you all over the next four years.

  • Profiles - Cr Kerry Hallett and Cr Jo Harvey

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    Cr Kerry Hallett

    I sincerely thank the residents of Kensington Gardens and Magill who put their faith in me as councillor for the next four years. It is a privilege to be your representative.

    I look forward to working collaboratively with other councillors and staff and to continuing to engage with local residents, businesses and sporting and community groups. Community members are the true experts about their community.

    I have lived in the City of Burnside for 30 years and for the past 12 years in Kensington Gardens. I raised my family here, as did my ancestors, my children attended local schools and now my grandchildren play in the same parks and creek beds.

    I worked in metropolitan councils for 15 years and another 5 years in the planning and transport sector. I ran my own successful social planning and community engagement business for 15 years working on some of South Australia’s significant projects like the Adelaide Desalination Project, South Road Planning Study and the EIS for the Olympic Dam Expansion Project.

    Throughout my working life and in retirement I have maintained volunteering commitments with the homelessness sector, foster care and refugee support services.

    I am passionate about protecting and enhancing our environment. Our urban green spaces are under threat of incremental development. Higher density housing has resulted in significant tree loss across our suburbs. Our parks, reserves and street canopies will increasingly play a critical role in keeping our suburbs cool and energy costs down.

    I want to work towards ensuring thriving localities and communities. I want to ensure council’s sport and recreation facilities are focal points for community participation and inclusion. Rates must be spent on value adding services and facilities. There are significant challenges ahead but I hope to work with and for residents building a resilient and prosperous community.

    Cr Jo Harvey

    I am thrilled to be elected as your Councillor in Kensington Gardens / Magill Ward. Thank you to all residents who voted. I am proud and honoured to have your faith and trust placed in me and be your voice in Council.

    As a resident of 15 years in Kensington Gardens, I was born, raised, and educated in my Ward. As a child growing up in Magill, I had a creek at the end of my street which became my playground for learning about nature and the environment. My passion is still maintaining the health and protection of our environment, nature and green space, parks/reserves, and creeks. I do not want any further unnecessary development in this valuable and irreplaceable greenspace, and I wish to increase further awareness.

    I want to see changes in planning laws to protect significant trees from being unnecessarily torn down by developers as thankfully there is mounting community concern regarding the protection of these significant trees. We live in our beautiful leafy green suburbs because of the character, vibrancy, charm, and heritage which must be preserved. More trees and vegetation planted, our footpaths and cycle lanes improved for the safety and accessibility for all residents. Community consultation is vital to promote trust and necessary for future decision-making.

    As a small business owner of 20 years, I have supported charities with fundraising / volunteering which is educating and rewarding. Rate payers must know where their money is spent and wasteful expenditure in council must be eliminated.

    I am dedicated and look forward to working with Councillors, Administration, and residents in making important decisions for the benefit of the community with positive outcomes. Our residents should feel included and supported by bringing back the sense of ‘community’ in our suburbs with a balanced, new approach.

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