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This is our media hub of all things Burnside.

A hub for local news about people, businesses and happenings in our community.

You will see some beautiful photos of Wyfield Reserve, one of Burnside's biodiversity sites, at the top right of this page.


This is our media hub of all things Burnside.

A hub for local news about people, businesses and happenings in our community.

You will see some beautiful photos of Wyfield Reserve, one of Burnside's biodiversity sites, at the top right of this page.

  • Little Treasures Inspires

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    supporting image

    It is that exciting time of the year when the great gift hunt for the festive season has officially begun. Little Treasures and its wide assortment of affordable handmade art and craft gifts will solve all your gifting needs.

    Displayed at Pepper Street Arts Centre each year in the lead up to Christmas, all items are available to purchase and can be taken home on the day.

    Over 50 artists bring you this opportunity to browse an enormous range including textiles, ceramics, glassware, wall art, jewellery, gift boxes, cards, homewares, wearable art, calendars, decorations, children’s items and more.

    Suzy Gilbert has exhibited her textiles work in Little Treasures for 6 years. “I used to sell my work in the Gift Shop then the staff suggested I try Little Treasures,” she says. “I haven’t looked back!” Suzy, of Frewville, does felting, textiles and powder dye using ice. She explains: “I scrunch material up, put it in a plastic tub, cover it with ice then sprinkle powder dye on it. As the ice melts it produces magic patterns.” Suzy then makes large muslin wraps, men’s and women’s handkerchiefs and hair scrunchies. She also sells handpainted silk scarves and tops.

    First time contributor Deborah Baldassi is looking forward to displaying her Babushka and Matryoshka nesting dolls. “We moved to Linden Park about three years ago and I heard about Pepper Street,” she says. “I applied to put my dolls in the Gift Shop and am now displaying at Little Treasures for the first time.” Deborah buys the blank shells and paints them in bright watercolours. “I have a set called ‘stages of life’ where the dolls go from an old woman to a baby,” Deborah says. “I also do a ‘strip down’ set with the same doll in different sizes and varying states of burlesque dress until the last one is naked.” She has kept her items to only two or three dolls per set to keep the cost down in line with Little Treasures “affordable” theme.

    Every item on display is handcrafted, with regular restocking for variety and freshness.

    Little Treasures runs until Thursday 22 December and is open Tuesday to Friday 10 am – 5 pm and Saturday 12 noon – 5 pm. Pepper Street Arts Centre 558 Magill Road Magill.

    Pic: Suzy (left) and Deborah with some of their craft.

  • City of Burnside Comes First on the Garage Sale Trail SA Council Leaderboard

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    supporting image

    Garage Sale Trail is officially over for another year, with the City of Burnside recording the highest number of sales amongst other Councils in South Australia.

    The City of Burnside has just participated in its eighth year of the program and has come first on the SA Council Leaderboard, which reflects the growing popularity of the event within the community.

    The community was heavily involved in the program this year with a combined total of 86 sale and stall registrations which happened locally, despite the powerful storms and wet weather that occurred over the two weekends.

    There was an increase in the number of sale and stall registrations from last year, which shows that the community is recognising the importance of re-use and sustainability.

    For shoppers, it's Australia's biggest pre-loved treasure hunt with 10,000 garage sales held nationally. For sellers, it's garage sales made easy with a free listing on the national map, sale tips and promotional resources.

    It is the circular economy in action, dedicated to helping participants declutter, make or save money, extend the life of items and build community connections.

    With the future of our city and our community Council's absolute priority, the City of Burnside is working towards and committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and is excited to see the community becoming more active in the sustainability space.

    For more information on the Garage Sale Trail, please visit

  • New Council Members - Cr Peter Cornish and Cr Lilian Henschke

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    Cr Peter Cornish | Cr Lilian Henschke

    Cr Peter Cornish

    I am thankful to be re-elected to the Council of the City of Burnside. As a lifelong resident of the Rose Park and Toorak Gardens Ward I know the area well. I am community focused, with a long history of volunteering in the community and always enjoy listening to your views.

    I will continue to advocate for the maintenance of our community infrastructure, from the stormwater pipes to the amenity of our reserves and gardens. I will advocate for reforms to development legislation, including the return of appeal rights and greater community representation. I support a planning code amendment to include Dulwich as a historic area and the continued historic protections we have. I support the City of Burnside’s carbon neutral by 2030 initiative, improving future carbon neutral services and I am committed to the maintenance of our urban tree canopy. As an employed professional I bring decades of experience to my role.

    I have previously represented the City of Burnside on many committees including Chair of the Eastern Health Authority, providing vaccinations and public health inspections, during the difficult COVID pandemic.

    I will continue to ensure value for our rates yet ensure responsible investment in our current strategic assets and ensure that any investment is made with the future of the City of Burnside. I will continue to engage with other levels of Government.

    Cr Lilian Henschke

    In my role of community leadership guided by you, I want to ensure the best possible communication between you and Council.

    I’m an engineer of 30 years’ experience, with Masters in Engineering, Business Administration, Project Management Diploma and now completing a Fine Art Degree. I'm of Italian heritage with a husband whose family has lived in Toorak Gardens for four generations with wonderful neighbours and friends locally.

    Over the last 4 years in my first term of council, I worked with many residents, businesses, clubs and groups like the East Residents’ Association (ERA).

    With our collective civic duty I encourage you to engage with me and participate in local affairs through the ERA, local MP Jack Batty and Federal MP James Stevens.

    We are very lucky to live in and be custodians of a heritage district with much history and natural beauty.

    Our historic district connects to our capital Adelaide - the only ‘City-in-a-Park’ with its vision to be a UNESCO World Heritage Park.

    But we need a city that works for residents, business and visitors in our historic district.

    I refer back to the 1977 World Environment Day slogan “There is only one future for our children - development without destruction”.

    The development and future of our heritage district must be done in an ecologically sustainable manner. We must also protect it from natural and other hazards.

    I’ll represent your interests and work with federal, state, and local government. Together we can protect and enhance our natural and built heritage, have safe well-kept streets through efficient and effective service delivery and infrastructure for safe attractive precincts like Dulwich, its pedestrians, children, cyclists, businesses and tourists.

    See you soon at the opening of the refurbished Dulwich Community Centre in Union Street - a vital social asset to benefit local residents’ welfare, wellbeing and interests.

  • New Council Members - Cr Jane Davey and Cr Andy Xing

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    Cr Jane Davey | Cr Andy Xing

    Cr Jane Davey

    Thank you for your confidence and support in re-electing me to represent you as YOUR VOICE in Council.

    As outlined in my election campaign, I am dedicated to working to preserve the character of our beautiful and unique city as well as to protect, maintain and enhance our trees, parks, heritage buildings, open spaces and streetscapes.

    I will fight to amend and improve state government planning laws so that Council is able to control demolition of our buildings and trees, protect our heritage buildings, better protect our urban infrastructure and restore the right of community members to have a say in the development to be undertaken in their vicinity.

    Maintenance of and improvement to our remaining tree canopy across Burnside is an essential component of our response to minimise the effects of climate change and for enhanced environmental sustainability in our community.

    I will work hard to reduce the rates of generation of waste - both in the community and by Council - including the scourge of single use plastics - and to set targets for improvement of recycling rates and reduction of the waste Burnside sends to landfill.

    Finally, there are significant challenges for the management and improvement of the traffic and parking issues faced by both our residential and our business community across our suburbs.

    I wish you and your families a safe, happy and healthy festive season.

    Cr Andy Xing

    I’m your new voice on Burnside Council. Following is a little about myself and what I intend to achieve in my term. It has already been noted to me that I am the youngest elected member and first from an Asian background in City of Burnside history.

    But first, I’d like to tell you about my parents. They’re my inspiration. They chose to come to Australia to build a better life for themselves and their family. They worked hard and made sacrifices every day. They’re the reason I am in this privileged position today. My goal is to live up to their example.

    Now I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I’m a management consultant, which means I help organisations which do business around the world create value for Australians. I’m also a proud Burnside local. I was raised in Kensington Park and graduated from Pembroke. There’s even a fair chance you’ve seen me on the courts at the East Torrens and Kensington Gardens Tennis Club (ETKG).

    I stood for Council because I wanted to improve the local community I love. My priorities during my term are promoting our economic growth, investing in youth and active ageing programs, embracing our rich multiculturalism, and harnessing the views of the next generation, protecting our heritage and green spaces, and ensuring the transparent and effective use of ratepayer funds. Achieving everything I’ve set out to achieve won’t be easy. However, I promise that I’ll work hard every day to serve the community I love. My desire is to combine truly independent politics, a unique perspective, and new ideas to empower communities to use the most important weapon they have: their voice.

    Once again, thank you for placing your faith and trust in me. I am honoured to represent my local community and excited about working with you all over the next four years.

  • New Council Members - Cr Kerry Hallett and Cr Jo Harvey

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    Cr Kerry Hallett | Cr Jo Harvey

    Cr Kerry Hallett

    I sincerely thank the residents of Kensington Gardens and Magill who put their faith in me as councillor for the next four years. It is a privilege to be your representative.

    I look forward to working collaboratively with other councillors and staff and to continuing to engage with local residents, businesses and sporting and community groups. Community members are the true experts about their community.

    I have lived in the City of Burnside for 30 years and for the past 12 years in Kensington Gardens. I raised my family here, as did my ancestors, my children attended local schools and now my grandchildren play in the same parks and creek beds.

    I worked in metropolitan councils for 15 years and another 5 years in the planning and transport sector. I ran my own successful social planning and community engagement business for 15 years working on some of South Australia’s significant projects like the Adelaide Desalination Project, South Road Planning Study and the EIS for the Olympic Dam Expansion Project.

    Throughout my working life and in retirement I have maintained volunteering commitments with the homelessness sector, foster care and refugee support services.

    I am passionate about protecting and enhancing our environment. Our urban green spaces are under threat of incremental development. Higher density housing has resulted in significant tree loss across our suburbs. Our parks, reserves and street canopies will increasingly play a critical role in keeping our suburbs cool and energy costs down.

    I want to work towards ensuring thriving localities and communities. I want to ensure council’s sport and recreation facilities are focal points for community participation and inclusion. Rates must be spent on value adding services and facilities. There are significant challenges ahead but I hope to work with and for residents building a resilient and prosperous community.

    Cr Jo Harvey

    I am thrilled to be elected as your Councillor in Kensington Gardens / Magill Ward. Thank you to all residents who voted. I am proud and honoured to have your faith and trust placed in me and be your voice in Council.

    As a resident of 15 years in Kensington Gardens, I was born, raised, and educated in my Ward. As a child growing up in Magill, I had a creek at the end of my street which became my playground for learning about nature and the environment. My passion is still maintaining the health and protection of our environment, nature and green space, parks/reserves, and creeks. I do not want any further unnecessary development in this valuable and irreplaceable greenspace, and I wish to increase further awareness.

    I want to see changes in planning laws to protect significant trees from being unnecessarily torn down by developers as thankfully there is mounting community concern regarding the protection of these significant trees. We live in our beautiful leafy green suburbs because of the character, vibrancy, charm, and heritage which must be preserved. More trees and vegetation planted, our footpaths and cycle lanes improved for the safety and accessibility for all residents. Community consultation is vital to promote trust and necessary for future decision-making.

    As a small business owner of 20 years, I have supported charities with fundraising / volunteering which is educating and rewarding. Rate payers must know where their money is spent and wasteful expenditure in council must be eliminated.

    I am dedicated and look forward to working with Councillors, Administration, and residents in making important decisions for the benefit of the community with positive outcomes. Our residents should feel included and supported by bringing back the sense of ‘community’ in our suburbs with a balanced, new approach.

  • New Council Members - Cr Ted Jennings and Cr Di Wilkins

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    Cr Ted Jennings | Cr Di Wilkins

    Cr Ted Jennings

    I wish to use this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Councillor for Eastwood and Glenunga. I thank all residents for putting their faith in myself to represent them for the next four years. I campaigned strongly on bringing community back to Burnside council, I’m humbled by the result.

    My young family has lived on Sydney Street for 20 years, moving here when my youngest wasn’t even 12 months old. All three of my children were educated at Linden Park Primary School and are currently at Glenunga International (my youngest was part of the first intake of year 7s into high school). I’m pleased that all rode their push bikes to school. I recognise every push bike is one less car on the road and one more carpark for drivers.

    Burnside council has a fabulous green canopy, when I ride home from the CBD on the hottest summer days, you can feel the temperature reduction as you leave the parklands and ride down streets that have 100-year-old trees planted on the verges. I often stand up for the trees which have no voice, being an executive committee member on the Adelaide Park Lands Association since 2015.

    As block sizes get smaller and buildings get bigger, I see issues arising from on-street parking, waste management and the loss of our green canopy resulting in rising ambient heat.

    When not working, you will find me riding pushbikes (for fun) up Burnside’s steepest hills. When the weather cools, I’ll be running up and down the same hills. I’ve run the Adelaide marathon and the Yurrebilla ultra marathon this year, sitting on the board of the South Australian Road Runners Club as the club's secretary.

    When I join a Committee/Board and now Council, my mantra is to leave it in better shape than I found it.

    Cr Di Wilkins

    I am delighted to again be elected as the local representative on Burnside Council for the Ward of Eastwood and Glenunga. I thank everyone who has voted for me. I have lived in the Historic Area of Eastwood since moving from the mid-north of SA 20 plus years ago. We are a ‘connected local community’ who value the contribution and legacy of past residents who have kept these heritage homes intact for future generations.

    I do also recognise the considerable contribution made by my previous Ward Councillor, Helga Lemon and thank her for her many years of friendship, service and commitment to our local community.

    As your elected local representative and a lifelong member of the National Trust of SA, I will continue to be a strong and vocal advocate for the preservation of our built and cultural heritage. We have continued to witness the wanton destruction of our beautiful built and natural legacy from past generations. The sustainability and liveability of our character filled streets and established neighbourhoods must be treasured, preserved and conserved for all of our children.

    My priorities for the next four years will be championing and improving traffic calming measures in Eastwood and Glenunga for pedestrian and cyclist road safety for all residents, young and old. As a committed gardener, respecting and beautifying our urban landscape, recreational and open spaces is a high priority for me. I would encourage all residents to maintain and take pride in their verges as they add beauty to the whole streetscape of Burnside.

    Our local community plays a significant role in how we live our day-to-day lives and I cherish the valuable contribution made to our local community, of the Eastwood and Glenunga Community Centres, as they continue to provide varied opportunities for all residents.

  • New Council Members - Cr Mike Daws and Cr Jenny Turnbull

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    We are very pleased to be re-elected as the Councillors for the Burnside Ward for a second four-year term. Thank you for your support. We were also fortunate in being supported by our volunteers, who assisted with flyer distribution in areas where the topography was quite challenging.

    The voter turnout for the Ward was above the last election’s total, which was a welcome result and shows an increased interest in local affairs. Also, a number of enquiries were received from residents during the campaign on a range of topics, which we have recorded for further follow up with Council Administration.

    For the interest of residents, there is an ongoing list of projects, which we will continue to oversee in the short to medium term. They include:

    • Anzac lookout – beautification of area in accordance with Master Plan. However, full implementation of the plan will need to wait until water is connected to this area.
    • Bell Yett Reserve – sensitive upgrading, also in accordance with a Master Plan, which was formulated in accordance with input from local residents.
    • Lockwood Road – measures to manage traffic speeds with the finalisation of mitigation options near High Street.
    • Clark Street – review of street lighting arrangements at the top of the street for the safety of the residents.
    • Moorcroft Reserve – restoration of the heritage bridge, including the planting of native bushes and further screening.
    • Stonyfell Creek – resolution of contamination of creek, especially during winter months.
    • Penfold Road, Stonyfell – analysis of traffic survey with consultative solutions.
    • Greenhill Road/Hallett Road intersection – watching brief on new design to improve its safety. This project is dependent on approval from the State Government in regard to minor modifications. It should begin soon.
    • Ongoing interest in the use of facilities at the Hubbe Court Centre.
    • General resident requests in relation to such areas as road safety, tree management, verge upgrades and weed slashing.

    What extreme weather we have been experiencing! The creeks are still flowing and the grass is still green and continues to grow. Our Council staff at the Depot have been working tirelessly to maintain the parks and verges. Did you know that residents need to register for Council to cut your verge? You can do this by phoning Burnside Council at (08) 8366.4200 or by using the link on the website,

    As we approach the festive season, there is much happening in the Burnside Council area. The Regal Theatre has some great performances for you to enjoy and the Pepper Street Arts Centre has a range of beautiful, hand-crafted gifts to purchase for family and friends. A visit to the Laurel Avenue Pikurna Wirra/Peter Bennett Organic Community Garden in Linden Park will amaze you. The volunteers of this project are to be congratulated on establishing the plentiful organic garden.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us by either phone or email if you have a local issue on which you are seeking our assistance. We do see ourselves as advocates for residents on anything local, or anything generally within the Burnside Council area with which you may need advice.

    We look forward to catching up with the residents and ratepayers of the Burnside Ward over the next four years. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • New Council Members - Cr Paul Huebl and Cr Harvey Jones

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    Cr Paul Huebl | Cr Harvey Jones

    Cr Paul Huebl

    We have just had a weekend of torrential rain and wind that has seen near-hourly BOM warnings issued for Burnside. While this type of weather is not unusual, the intensity and frequency certainly are and it is here to stay. Our changing climate has led to more extreme weather events that impact our lives and properties to a point where we must adapt our approaches to city management, even if there is not much we can do to change it.

    We currently mandate fuel clearing of properties in our high bushfire threat zones; shall we apply this approach to the clearing of waterways through private land? What about culverts? Is our guttering infrastructure sufficient? Are we doing enough to retain green canopy of private land to protect urban cooling, and wildlife corridors that promote biodiversity?

    Roads, Rates and Rubbish are all we should do according to some, but this is an outdated idea and simply goes against our mandate from the Local Government Act. We have a responsibility to improve the quality of life in the community which the City of Burnside does remarkably well. This is why it is the best place in Adelaide to live.

    We are not only entering a new year but also a new era on council. I am pleased to be continuing to represent the Beaumont Ward along with Cr Harvey Jones for a second term. I am humbled by the support I have received during the election period and thank each and every resident who assisted my campaign.

    Enjoy the holiday period, the hopefully nicer weather and please be in touch if there is anything I can do to help make your community an even better place to live.

    Cr Harvey Jones

    First of all, thank you for re-electing me to Council. I think we achieved a lot in the last four years and I think that this was borne out by the fact that the Mayor and all seven of the councillors seeking re-election were re-elected. But we still have some renewal, with five newly elected councillors. I look forward to working with them to make the City of Burnside even better.

    A key challenge for over the next four years is going to be planning and development.

    The Planning and Design Code introduced by the state government in the last council term was very, very bad. But it wasn't nearly as bad in Burnside as most of metropolitan Adelaide. Council successfully lobbied to maintain character and heritage protections in inner-east suburbs, to remove suburbs such as Linden Park from high-density development zones and to preserve large block sizes in the upland parts of council running from Auldana through to Beaumont.

    The Planning and Design Code is now up for review. We know what's wrong with it. We have developed a City Master Plan with our vision for the City of Burnside. Now we need to persuade the state government to fix it.

    We also face fiscal challenges. Burnside Council has a lot of debt and interest rates are going up. This was predicted - by me at least. We need to cut our cloth to suit our purse. Everyone seems to think that Burnside is populated entirely by silvertails who can afford endless rates increases but it's not true.

    And away from the big stuff, if you have a problem give me a call. Planning, trees, footpaths, traffic, parking. I can't fix everything but I'll have a red-hot go.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • New Council Member - Mayor Anne Monceaux

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    supporting image

    Thank you to everyone who voted in the recent elections. Local Government is the level of government that is closest to its people. It has a daily impact on our lives. Councils provide and maintain libraries, parks, playgrounds, pools, paths, planting and protection of trees, local roads, walking and cycling trails, dog parks, ovals, sports grounds and facilities, bus stops, park benches, fences, rubbish bins and public toilets. Some councils, like Burnside, provide street sweeping and verge mowing, even though they are not mandated services. Burnside supports small businesses (through Propel SA), provides bushfire prevention services as well as health services (through Eastern Health Authority).

    Burnside provides waste collection services (through EastWaste) and education on waste disposal. We provide many programs for the elderly, disabled, young children and their parents and teenagers. We support the Burnside Symphony Orchestra and the Burnside Youth Band, and we have a number of performance spaces like The Regal Theatre, the Burnside Ballroom and the original upstairs Ballroom, the Civic Centre Hall as well as art spaces like Pepper Street and Hubbe Court. We have gathering places like The Shed, The Hub, Eastwood Community Centre, Dulwich Community Centre and Civic Centre cafes. We work closely with Lions and Rotary Clubs and Burnside Historical Society. We support Probus, War Widows and other community groups (social, sporting, recreational, educational and cultural) through community grants and facility hire.

    Burnside leads the way in environmental strategies as a Tree City of the World and as one of the first councils to declare a Climate Change emergency, we focus on being carbon neutral by 2030. And we have some of the lowest rates in Adelaide. All of this happens through the work of our committed staff, led by our CEO, Chris Cowley.

    I thank the 30 people who stood for election and the 10,800 people who voted. Thirteen people were elected: 7 women and 6 men. 8 people were re-elected in Beaumont, Burnside, Rose Park & Toorak Gardens, Kensington Park and you re-elected me. Five new members will represent Eastwood & Glenunga, Kensington Gardens & Magill and Kensington Park. Each person elected is now responsible for representing their ward as well as ensuring their service considers the whole community of Burnside. I encourage you to make contact with your local members to seek information or support. By the time that you read this, we will have completed our mandated training and be ready to help. Their profiles appear later in this Summer Focus.

    Thank you Councillors Sarah Hughes, Henry Davis, Helga Lemon and Grant Piggott for your time and commitment over the past 4 to 12 years. I wish you well in your new councils and in your retirement.

    Thank you for having confidence in me by re-electing me as Mayor. I will continue to be your ‘everywhere Mayor’ as I am committed to this Burnside Community. I am inclusive and will continue to attend events and be involved with the community across different cultures, abilities, ages, and in sports, social, recreational and historical activities. I love Burnside’s tree-lined streets, its parks and pools, its green spaces, hills and creeks. I find the things I need at our shopping villages and enjoy coffee and other treats at our many cafes and restaurants. I appreciate and respect Burnside’s history, character and heritage and I will continue to do all I can to protect what most of us who choose to live here, love most.

    I have already spoken to the State Planning Expert Panel Review Team about our community’s concerns about infill development, heritage protection, demolition controls, parking and tree protection. I have addressed Katadilla (Adelaide Parklands Authority) about the importance of our connection and concern for protection of the parklands. I will continue to lobby in both of these areas, as well as be actively involved in all aspects of planning for now and the future, particularly with the implementation of our Master Plan and continued action regarding climate change initiatives.

    Finally, I wish for warmer days, time outside in our parks and pools, for families re-united at Christmas, safe travelling in holiday time and good health and happiness for 2023.

  • New Council Sworn In

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    supporting image

    On Monday 21 November it was our great pleasure to host a swearing in ceremony for our incoming Council Members who were elected in this year's Council Elections. Following a Welcome to Country held by Kaurna man Corey Turner, each Council Member was officially sworn into office in the presence of Justice of the Peace Ann Wilson and pledged to work with and for the community.

    Congratulations to:

    Mayor - Anne Monceaux
    Burnside Ward Council Members - Jenny Turnbull and Mike Daws
    Kensington Park Ward Council Members - Jane Davey and Andy Xing
    Beaumont Ward Council Members - Paul Huebl and Harvey Jones
    Eastwood and Glenunga Ward Council Members - Di Wilkins and Ted Jennings
    Kensington Gardens and Magill Ward Council Members - Jo Harvey and Kerry Hallett
    Rose Park and Toorak Gardens Ward Council Members - Lilian Henschke and Peter Cornish

    Over the next few days we will publish profiles of the Mayor and Council Members s you can get to know them.

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